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Iny Asian Dance Theater is a Twin Cities based local Asian dance theater school with more than 13 years of history.  Our dance theater participates in many celebration performances, competitions, and cultural festivals, as well as creating and performing original theatrical works in and around the local Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul metro area. In the last 2 years, we have also extended to perform nationally, such as in California, Wisconsin, Ohio, and Florida, and internationally in China.

Our primarily focus is Asian dances that include Hmong, Chinese, Mongolian, Thai, and Bollywood dance style, all taught and choreographed by Internationally renowned Hmong artist – Iny Mai Vang, along with a well-qualified dance coach team.

Iny Asian Dance Theater has a long history of winning first place titles at many Hmong New Year dance competitions.  We have also received well review at other dance festivals.

Founded in 2000 by Iny Xiong (aka. Mai Vang), Iny Asian Dance Theater (IADT)’s mission is to promote and celebrate Hmong Arts and Culture through dance, theater, educational workshops and other cultural enrichment activities.    Our two major projects are to 1) Bringing the Asian Traditional Dances to life, with a special focus on Asian Indian, Chinese, Hmong, Laotian and Thai dances through weekly dance classes and community engagement performances; 2) Sharing Hmong cultures and talents with mainstream audience, to build a better community of appreciation of diverse arts with annual recitals and new, original dance drama performance series.

A particular emphasis is placed on youth participation.    We offer 7 levels of classes:

·      MN Sunshine – girls’ age from 12 and up, with 7 hours training weekly

·      Ocean – girls’ age from 11 – 16, with 6 hours training weekly

·      Silver Skies – girls’ age from 8 – 13, with 5 hours training weekly

·      Rainbow – girls’ age from 6 – 10, with 3 hours training weekly

·      Hmong Heroes (All Boy’s Group) – all age, with 5 hours training weekly

.      Dancing Mist – girls ages 11-16, with 3 hours training weekly

.      Snow Flakes – girls ages 8-13, with 3 hours training weekly


The Most Advanced group – MN Sunshine – has a long history of winning first place titles at many Hmong New Year dance competitions.  They received First Place at the 2012 International Hmong New Year Celebration.  Iny Asian Dance Theater is famous with their explosive physical capabilities along with beautiful costumes, and refreshing Asian music.  

Dance Groups of Iny Asian Dance Theater


Snow Flakes

Dancing Mist

Silver Skies

Hmong Heroes


MN SunShine

For Your Dance Request

To Request for a dance performance, please download our Dance Request Form, fill it out and submit it to see.xiong@amamedia.org

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Tryout is Over – Looking forward to another great year!

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Congratulation to all our students who came to the 2014 IADT Tryouts!

Starting February 2014, we are moving forward to learning new dance routines.  We are no longer accepting new students. All late students will be sign up on the waiting list for next year’s program.





Escape to Fresno

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Dance competitions back to back – Dance is Life!
IADT has been a competitor group at many Hmong new year dance competitions held each year.  This year, IADT has supported our top 4 dance groups to participate at the Hmong International New Year 2014 in Fresno, California.
Our first competition was in early November at Wisconsin where Hmong Heroes took second place, then in late November at St. Paul, and then late December at Minneapolis MN and Fresno CA.  Each dance competitions had different dance style requirements.  The fact that the Hmong new years are held only weeks away from one another was a great challenge for our teams.  We had approximately 2 weeks to learn our Thai dances for the Fresno new year.
Many of our dancers in the Hmong Heroes and the MN Sunshine groups are college students and first year employees. It was really tough getting everyone to show up together for practice.  “I am really proud to say that all the dancers and parents had put much dedication and worked around the clock to get to dance practice – completing the new dance routine, and stayed up all night to make the dance costumes within the 2 weeks”.
Coming back from the Minneapolis competition, IADT crew took off on a coach bus to Fresno the next day. We were on a 35 hours road trip to the Hmong International New Year in Fresno California.
Throughout this competition season, IADT has experienced an increase in community engagement, development in character strengths and growth in relationships.  The parents were enthusiastic supporter – they came to dance practice with the dance costumes and help other parents sew while the students practice dance.  The dancers also developed independency and leadership skills – when their parents are unavailable they dressed up by themselves and coordinated their own transportations.  It is amazing for a 10 year old to dress her own hair into a neat hair bun and coordinate her own ride to get to dance practice everyday without the help from her parents.
This was the evening of the Minneapolis competition.  We came back to practice dance from 8pm to 1am.  Half of the dancers were exhausted and literally knocked out on their dance spots.
Fresno – ‘Hmong International New Year 2014′ December 26th, 27th, 28th, 29th at the Fresno County Fairgrounds
Practicing Ribbon Celebration Dance.
IADT opened the Ribbon Celebration at the Hmong International New Year 2014 with the Ribbon Celebration Dance on Dec 26th.
The dance competition was a 3 days event, from Dec 27th – 29th.
The first day of the competition was Hmong Dancing, the second day of the competition was the Thai Dancing, and the third day of the competition was any dance style talent.
MN Sunshine took 2nd place.  Even though our younger groups did not place, they amazed everyone and won the audiences’ hearts.  We were stopped by many guest for pictures and received warm comments throughout the 4 days of the Fresno new year.
All 4 of IADT groups in their Hmong Clothes for Day 1 competition.
MN Sunshine – posing for public picture
Hmong Heroes – performing Howling Wolves in the Thunder Storm Dance
Ocean – posing for public picture
Posing with our fan <3
1511841_10152101042588069_1727188102_oSilver Skies at the Award Ceremony.
1488221_10152098391683069_1650942588_nHmong Heroes – performing Thai Dance.
MN Sunshine – performing Thai Peacock Dance
Silver Skies – performing Thai Dance.
Ocean – performing Thai Dance.
”The California trip was the escape I was looking for. It was the perfect way to end the year. Through this trip, I’ve acquired stronger relationships with everyone, learned things I would have never learned otherwise, grown from the various experiences, and most of all, … I was able to create unforgettable memories—one’s I’ll keep dear to me forever.” – Karen Yang MN Sunshine Dancer
”I just started to head back into the Hmong New Year scene after thirteen years of not attending. I have to say that I have missed out on a lot. I am truly impressed and happy to see Hmong dancers becoming more professional. As I was watching all your highlights from the past to now, I wished I was there to see you all live. What a wonderful coordinated group, hard working and sophisticated dancers you all are.  Congratulations on a job well done.” – See Lo Guest from IADT wordpress

Winter Wonder Series I Another Successful Event

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The Winter Wonder Series I was a memorable night for our dancer, friends and families.  The event went smoothly with an exciting series of Pan Asian Dances followed by a Ruffle Lottery and a reception.  

Our production crew went in at 2pm to set up.  Three hours later the young dancers starts to show up as they checked in at the box office and signed up for the Ruffle Drawing.  Each dance team was assigned to go to a dressing room and get ready for the big performance.  Our young dancers, Snow Flake and Rainbow each had a volunteering parent to chaperon.  While the young dancers were assisted by the parents, the older dancers shared the same dressing room and help one another.

SF Fan SS Fish Dance1 Ocean thai1 HH wolf DM pants

After the performance the dancers came out to meet and greet the guest.  “The reception was a heart warming experience were we get to meet and thank our supporting audience and volunteers.”

Special thank you to Asian Media Access, Nolan Ly, Mai Nhia Thao, and IADT parents and families.

Winter Wonder ~ Series I

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fish copy

Spectacular Iny Asian Dance Theater Pan Asian Dance – Winter Wonder, a 2 hour Pan Asian dance performance will take you around Asia!
This is a fundraising event, supporting and sending our dancers to participate at the Fresno International Hmong New Year Dance Contest 2014.  Your support are greatly appreciated!

Wed, Dec 18th 7 – 9pm

Location: E.M. Pearson Theatre
312 Hamline Avenue
St. Paul, MN 55104

Admission Tickets now Available: $15 per person

For more information please contact see.xiong@amamedia.org or 612-376-7715

T-Shirt Sales

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You can now order your very own IADT designed t-shirt!!

There are 5 designs to choose from – IADT, Silver Skies, Ocean, Hmong Heroes, and Minnesota Sunshine.


Go to the Order Page and order yours now!

Taking Iny Asian Dance Theater to Disney World!

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IADT from AMA Dance Studio have been invited for a 7 weeks -“Test” out options with the potential of a Long Term Agreement of 1 year at Disney World Animal Kingdom.  8 dancers, See Xiong, Mickie Vang, Jennie Vang, Xuefeng, Lilly Yang, Yangchee Yang, Maynoua Yang – ages 17 and above have been selected.
These dancers are known as the oldest of their dance group, or the ‘Team Captains’.  They will be working and performing at Disney World – Animal Kingdom from August 11th – October 10th.
If successful, 3 dancers will stay in Florida to continue working with Disney World.

Fashion Show – Transformation of Hmong Dance in Minnesota

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 A Public Event! Everyone is welcome to come!

Hmong by Mai Yang Xiong002

Hmong dance

IMG_0366Hmong by Mai Yang Xiong001

Saturday, July 27th, At 12PM

UROC 2001 Plymouth Ave North, Minneapolis MN 55411


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